We understand that a protected environment bears lower costs to future generations and today there are new market opportunities for sustainable products and that is where Sudeste Paulista inserts itself, through a new approach and also a new way of acting in the market of industrial waste.


The board of directors along with the entire Sudeste Paulista’s staff, are conscious that preserving, reducing consumerism and recycling are today, implemental attitudes, thus we adopt certain habits on a daily basis:


• State of the art Turnings Warehouse;


• Use of rain water;


• Monitoring trucks emissions;


• Assessment, qualification and monitoring of environmental suppliers;


• Preparation and response to emergency;


• Impermeabilization of the scrapyard;


• Confinement bay for equipments and recycling of used oil;


• Thorough maintenance of trucks, machines and equipment;


• Monitoring of gas installations, preventing leaks and consequentely waste and misuse of natural resources;


• Selective collection;


• Environmentally safe area for diesel;


• Simulated trainings to stop the leakage of chemical products.




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Alto da Boa Vista

Sorocaba - SP


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